IAEA technical meeting

A representative of the SSE “CEMRW” took part in the IAEA Technical Meeting of the DISPONET international network on the low-level radioactive waste disposal, which was held on October 3-7, 2022 in the Kozloduy, Bulgaria.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and share recent experiences, improvements, practices and lessons learned related to the ow-level radioactive waste disposal, with an emphasis on the closure of near-surface repositories. During the event, discussions were held on the next steps in planning the activities of the Network, as well as the needs of countries within the framework of regional technical cooperation. The participants had the opportunity to visit the site of the national radioactive waste disposal site and the plasma incinerator.

During the meeting, issues related to the current situation of the participating countries regarding the ow-level radioactive waste management were discussed. Anastasia Nechitaylo, head of the international cooperation department of the SSE “CEMRW”, informed the participants of the meeting and IAEA experts about the current affairs at the “Vektor” Complex, and also emphasized the work carried out by the enterprise with the help of international partners to overcome the consequences of the occupation.