Our Operations

Areas of activity
Main types and areas of activity
The enterprise, in accordance with the tasks assigned to it:
• collection, transportation, packaging, containerization, conversion, storage and/or disposal of disused ionizing sources and RAW;
• decontamination of buildings, structures and territories contaminated with radioactive substances;
• analyze technical problems related to radioactive waste management;
• search, systematization, preservation, scientific and technical analysis of information on the  RAW condition and repositories for their storage and disposal;
• carries out activities at the stages of construction, operation and closure of storage facilities for the radioactive waste disposal;
• carries out forecasting of negative consequences of possible emergency situations, implementation of measures to improve safety while managing  RAW;
• carries out work on release from regulatory control of radioactive materials;
• carries out state inventories of RAW and RAW storages in the Exclusion Zone, fills in and updates data on registration cards of RAW storages and temporary RAW storage places, as well as timely submits information to the Main Information and Analytical Center for RAW accounting;
• inspects radioactively contaminated territories and conducts an analysis of the environmental safety of radioactive waste storage sites, provides proposals for their localization;
• collection, analysis and systematization of information on equipment failures and erroneous actions of personnel;
• analyzies, summarizes and implements the best national and international experience in the RAW management;
• international cooperation in the field of RAW management;