About the enterprise

The State Specialized Enterprise “Central Enterprise for Radioactive Waste Management” (SSE “CERWM”) was created for performing operations in the field of radioactive waste management (hereinafter – RW), is an operating organization that carries out activities related to site selection, design, construction, operation, closure of RW disposal facilities and ensuring nuclear and radiation safety, physical protection.

By order of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management dated 06.11.2017 No. 151, SSE”CERWM” was appointed as the operating organization (operator) at all stages of the life cycle of radioactive waste storage facilities:

  • repositories for disposal of high-level and long-lived low- and medium-level waste in stable geological formations;
  • a complex of production facilities for the decontamination, transportation, processing and disposal of radioactive waste, including Engineered Near-Surface Disposal Facility (ENSDF), SRW-1, SRW-2 storage facilities and other facilities designed for radioactive waste management.
  • radioactive waste disposal site “Buryakivka”;
  • radioactive waste disposal site “Pidlisniy”;
  • radioactive waste disposal site “III Stage of Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant”;
  • radioactive waste temporary localization points: “Yaniv Station”, “Naftobaza”, “Pishchane Plato”, “Rudyi Lis”, “Stara Budbaza”, “Nova Budbaza”, “Prypiat”, “Kopachi”, “Chistogalivka”.