SSE «CEMRW» continues to perform licensed activities.

As previously reported, in August, the State Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission restored the validity of the licenses of SSE «CEMRW», in addition to the license for the construction of a storage facility for glazed nuclear power plants that are returned from the russian federation. Starting from August 21, the reception of packages from RAW to the KV “Vektor” from the ChNPP SSP resumed according to the adjusted schedule, acceptance is carried out daily at 20 packages per day (the number of planned deliveries until the end of the year is 2,000 packages of RAW).

In the near future, deliveries of spent sources of ionizing radiation (SIR) are expected from the “Radon” Association to the “Vektor” CSVDIV, all technical and organizational procedures have been agreed according to the established order.

“Buryakivka” WWTP has resumed its licensed activities and is ready to accept radioactive waste from ChNPP for disposal according to the approved schedule. In addition, the company liquidates temporary radioactive waste localization points (PTLRV) and reburys radioactive waste at Buryakivka PZRW.

The “Leliv” decontamination point resumed its functions of decontamination of special vehicles, equipment and materials, which is carried out as necessary and in case of detection of exceeding control levels of radiation pollution.

Cooperation with international organizations on previously initiated and new projects also continues.