Training course of the TITAN project of the University of Bristol

From 25 to 30 March, 2024 in Bristol (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), representatives of the SSE “CEMRW” attended a training course of the TITAN project of the University of Bristol, designed to provide participants with special knowledge and practical skills related to risk assessment during the survey of radioactively contaminated sites with a special focus on the problems of Ukraine regarding the presence of chemical pollutants and explosive devices.
During the training, the participants learned the advanced principles of radiological research and detection of radioactive anomalies using robots and quadrocopters (drones) by conducting aerial photography, gamma ray survey and ground radiometric survey.
Based on the results of the training, the company’s representatives received certificates confirming the successful completion of the course.
Participation in such events is necessary to improve the competence and skills of the company’s personnel, as well as to gain valuable experience.

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